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How likely are you to buy or wear a piece of clothing that doesn’t fit? Not very likely, right?

Measuring garment dimensions is a critical aspect of garment quality control. Most consumers care about the fit and comfort of a piece of clothing more than any other factor. But garment measurements can also be one of the hardest aspects of garment quality to manage with your supplier.

Garment manufacturing is a labor-intensive process, which garment quality controldoesn’t lend itself to cookie-cutter consistency between pieces. Unlike injection-molded products and others that can be made with standardized production methods and equipment, garments are typically individually handsewn.

For this reason, you’re more likely to find discrepancies between pieces of clothing than with other products.

When creating garment specs, set a tolerance for each point of measurement that allows for a small margin of error. And provide this list of tolerances to both your supplier and your QC team to ensure goods are produced and inspected to your requirements.



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